Level 1

We got you. This is where you start. No dance experience, no upper body strength, out of shape but I want to get in shape before I take class, and I am not feeling sexy? These are just things we hear you say when you are nervous. We know you are ready, trust us you will never look back. 

Level 2

You've completed your New Client Special and you're feeling pretty confident you want to quit your day job. More class content then basics, we will introduce climbs in Pole Prep and layered fluid movement in Exotic Flow. You might be a little lost at first but stick with it.. learning our MindBody system was hard. Dance is going to be a blast! 

P.s. As tempting as it may sound, we do not recommended quitting your day job when you move to Level 2. :) 


Level 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The Chrome Bar series classes meet weekly to become well rounded and technique driven dancers, and aerialists. Many of our series girls started with us in 2013 with no prior dance or aerial training. Now they invert, slay, and serve it all day. Interested in series? We offer 4 week sessions with specialized instruction for beginners through advanced. 




What's the deal with this Pole Dance stuff?

Well, pole dancing is for everybody who dreams of doing it, and we want to help you if you have that dream (while you are stuck in traffic on 65N singing along to Rhianna). We are well known as pole dance studio but we also offer a range of challenging and fun classes that compliment your pole training or stand alone as a great workout. Our Pole classes are where we teach you how to be a polished and sassy Chrome Bar style pole dancer from the very basics Level 1 all the way up to advanced level tricks and combos in Series. You can join when you’re ready and train with us for as long as you like series are bookable in 4 week terms. No pressure. Our other classes are a great place to start at The Chrome Bar if you’re not interested in pole. Get a great butt in Barre or get lifted in Fly Gym. Either way, encourage you to join us for whatever class meets your needs.




$30 For 3 Class New Client
$90 5 Classes
$160 10 Classes
$150 VIP Unlimited Classes
$170 1 Month Unlimited


$75 Per Session
$130 Travel In Rate w/Alethea