At The Chrome Bar we do things differently. From the very first class, our clients leave with a better understanding of their body. We specialize in boutique fitness instruction and feminine pole dance technique. Each class you will find yourself against a backdrop that doubles as a music video set, all within a hip studio in East Nashville. This is the studio that you will learn to dance in and embrace your inner badass. Our curated playlists and incredible teaching staff will be there with you whether you have no experience or you are a professional dancer or aerialist. Our clientele is as diverse as our class offerings, from Nashville music industry professionals, business owners, teachers, college students and fierce over 40 women. One of the things we are most proud of is the connections our clients make with each other. This is more than just a work out class! Always impeccably clean with the right light, this is where you will learn to take your body to a new and stronger place.  Join us for what is always guaranteed to be the best part of your day.

EST. 2013



Alethea moved to Nashville in to open The Chrome Bar in 2013. An iconic name in the Pole Dance and Aerial community. After winning the title of US Pole Dance Champion in 2010, Alethea quickly became a cult favorite with a massive following both inside and beyond the pole dance community. She has performed with some of the world's best dancers, traveled extensively to more than 400 gyms and studios around the world teaching her signature workshops to thousands of students worldwide. In addition she has and appeared in music videos for artists like "Mötley Crüe" and "Cage The Elephant" and major motion pictures, including "Rock of Ages.” In the last few years she has shifted her focus from touring to producing and directing some of the hottest dance revues in Nashville “Halloween Ball Y’all”, "Live Dancing Girls" and "Miss Pole Dance America". One day in Los Angeles she walked in to take her very first class and her favorite class to teach is still beginners. 

Follow Alethea here: www.aletheaaustin.com

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