Welcome! One of the coolest things about our studio is that our class packages are valid for our wide range of class offerings. 

Some quick tips to make class amazing for you and your new best friends. Please our full list of STUDIO POLICIES & FAQ. 

  • Please reserve your spot online and arrive early! We have a convenient free parking lot. 
  • Coming for barre?  Bring grippy socks and wear comfortable yoga-style clothes.
  • For pole classes wear a comfortable workout top, capris or bike shorts, and a SMILE.
  • Our hashtags are #thechromebar and #eastsidebackside use them often and freely! Please keep your phone on silent and in the locker room, selfies and shots of your sweet spins welcome after class. 

Is it your first time taking a pole / fly gym / barre class and YOU ARE FREAKING OUT?

Well relax, you’re going to love it.

What else do I need?

A water bottle to fill up. 

Oops traffic/work/boyfriend was crazy and I can’t make it! Now what?

Bummer! Make sure you use your app to cancel at least 6 hours in advance and save your sessions and avoid late fees on unlimited packages. 


Private Training

We also offer one on one personal training in dance, movement coaching, flexibility, yoga and aerial to meet your individual goals or for VIP privacy.
Please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

$75 - $130 per session

Destination Package

Visiting Nashville? Our Private lesson with Alethea plus 3 class credits is perfect for a weekend visit $185. Please contact us to schedule.

Pole Dance Program

The Chrome Bar Pole Dance Program classes meet weekly to become well rounded and technique driven dancers, and aerialists. Many of our girls started with us in 2013 with no prior dance or aerial training. Now they invert, slay, and serve it all day. Our levels are Brass, Gold, and Chrome. Interested in Pole Dance Program? Start with 8 Pole Dance Basics classes and then ask us about joining!  



"Life altering and body positive.  Shy and timid?  This is the place for you.  Outgoing and bold?  This is the place for you.  I have been a member of The Chrome Bar since it opened.  It is my home.  The instructors are well versed in all things body…pole, stretch, twerk, fly gym, yoga.  We are honored to have the best in the business to teach and inspire us.  Not only that, they dance with us!!  Everything is taught with an emphasis on safety first and an air of excitement.  The culture of the studio is like none other.  Everyone is welcoming, from the front desk to the instructors to the students.  Reach a goal, the whole place erupts in cheers.  TCB is the best place on Earth."



“I never imagined my whole life would change when I walked into that room.”



"Alethea is a visionary, sensual artist and athlete of the highest caliber. To train with her is the opportunity to discover your own such potential. She is also a positive and powerful force in the pole dance industry who has built an international community around her passionate expertise & her brand. To be part of that supportive, artistic community is a privilege."