All level small group classes (12 people max) 

Our cinematic lighting and studio design set the tone. Our tranquil enviroment and killer fresh beats will keep you and your booty in the zone. Our barre classes are all level and choreographed with low impact deliberate movements designed to lengthen, give you a strong, lean, balanced dancer's body. 

All our our teachers have extensive dance backgrounds combined with barre, yoga and pilates training. Our signature barre class blends the grace and active flexibility of a dance class with the deep core and cardio work you would expect to find at the barre. 


  • Increased body awareness, grace and stability. 
  • Improved posture. 
  • Versatile core strength.
  • Sculpted and toned legs, abs, and arms.  
  • A better booty. 


All Level

Our weekly stretch class is most necessary. Similar to yoga and pilates, this deep stretch is dance based and like many of our classes focuses proper cuing, active flexibility and clean lines. Warning: quite a few of our clients end up with beautiful flat splits after hanging out with us for year.  



What are you waiting for? 

Go ahead girl!  Order that leotard you have always wanted on Amazon Prime and get ready to Plié Relevé all day. No previous dance or barre experience required. Our highly skilled instructors will offer you modifications, positive motivation and technique corrections without yelling at you over a headset. 




$15 2018 Drop in Barre Class
$30 For 3 Class New Client


$90 5 Classes
$160 10 Classes
$120 Monthly 8 Classes
$180 Monthly 12 Classes 


$75 Per Session up to 2 people