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What Pink did to train for her Aerial stunts except for regular people and so much fun!

Fly Gym incorporates elements from yoga, Pilates, and aerial to create a fun workout that feels more like play than work. This class uses the Fly Gym system of soft, stretchy, yet strong and supportive fabric slings that allow participants to get a great strengthening and stretching workout on a fun and safe apparatus. 


  • Increased body and aerial awareness.
  • Understanding of an invert.
  • Versatile core strength.
  • Sculpted and toned legs, abs, and arms.   




$30 For 3 Class New Client
$90 5 Classes
$160 10 Classes
$150 VIP Unlimited Classes
$170 1 Month Unlimited


$75 up to 2 people
$100 up to 4 people
Contact us to request a specific time or choose one of the pre-booked spots on our schedule. 

Fly Gym Series Class

Join us for Fly Gym series where you will meet once a week and really get int the material. Now registering for January 2018.

Take your Fly skills to the next level and explore creative flow on the Fly Gym. We'll strengthen, tone, and stretch with some classic favorites, then weave together a dance sequence over the course of the series. Explore movement through aerial transitions to leave you feeling fluid and refreshed.